The Benefits of LED Technology

There are countless reasons to switch to LED downlights and bulbs. Below, we’ll briefly discuss a few of these benefits and draws.

Energy Efficiency

LED technology is up to 90% more energy efficient than filament lighting and quickly pays for itself when replacing original incandescent bulbs or more recent halogen equivalents. This factor alone makes a switch to LED financially and environmentally worthwhile. Traditional filament bulbs waste most of their energy producing heat, which is why they are so inefficient. Some low-voltage halogen bulbs perform better in this respect, but are still no match for LED.


An incandescent bulb typically lasts for 1,000 hours (about a year in a household) and a halogen bulb lasts for 3,000 hours on average. Consider how much time and money you’ll save with an LED downlight that lasts for up to 75,000 hours. In a home, you’d probably never buy a bulb again, and even in a demanding always-on commercial setting the fixture would last for several years. The longest lived fluorescent lighting lasts for about 30,000 hours, but more typically fails after 8,000 to 10,000 hours.

Color Temperatures

Unlike filament bulbs, LED downlights and bulbs are available in a wide variety of color temperatures. You can choose anything from a 6500K daylight white to a warm white 2700K. This is impossible in an incandescent bulb, because the light color is limited by the physical temperature of the filament. The filament would melt before it could create a cool white light.

Frequent Switching

If you often switch a fluorescent light fixture on and off, you’ll significantly shorten its lifespan. No such disadvantage exists with LED technology, which has high tolerance to frequent switching.


A dimmable fluorescent bulb or fixture is not necessarily common, but dimmable LED technology is readily available. This is something to look for at the buying stage, since the fixture or bulb must have a dimmable driver before it can be dimmed.

No Warm-up

Unlike some other light sources, LED lighting reaches full brightness instantaneously and does not need any warm-up time.