Color-Changing LED Fixtures and Bulbs

Most LED light fixtures and bulbs are made with standard white LEDs, which combine an intense blue LED with a yellow phosphor to create white. This type of LED is available in a variety of static color temperatures, but more versatile color-changing LED light fixtures and bulbs are becoming increasingly common.

Rather than use the standard, cheaper type of LED, color-changing LED products use RGB LEDs. These combine 256 shades each of red, green and blue to create a possible 16.77 million distinct hues of light (256 x 256 x 256). Whether you have access to this huge palette depends on the controller, but very often you can create any color of light you like.

Color-changing LED downlights and other types of fixtures often come with a remote control, but may also be controllable from a free smartphone app in some instances. These lights are often marketed as “smart lights” or “smart light bulbs”. Aside from changing their color, you can usually also dim the lights, enjoy special effects, use them as alarms and program lighting separately in every room.

The advantage of this modern type of lighting is that you can pick any color of light to suit a mood or occasion. Of course, you can choose a specific shade of white, too, so a single bulb or fixture can emit anything from a cool white light for working under to a warm white light for relaxation. This is especially useful in multi-functional rooms like a kitchen, where you are likely to both toil and unwind.

Though more expensive, color-changing RGB LED lighting offers all the usual benefits of LED technology on top of extra versatility. It’s energy efficient and long-lasting and, being a solid-state form of lighting, is more resistant to shock and vibration than other fragile light sources.

Color-changing LED downlights, strips and bulbs offer a glimpse into the future of lighting, where you’re no longer hitched to one choice for months or years on end. Lighting is now more dynamic and adaptable.